Long Journey to Writing the “Book of Intuition”

Long Journey to Book of Intuition

It is done.  Finally, my first book on intuition, titled “Book of Intuition” is published.  Book of Intuition

It has been a long journey, this writing and publishing of the  “Book of Intuition.”

Since childhood, I have enjoyed reading many books.  Story books, adventure books, cartoon books, science books, history books, and the ones I enjoyed most were the atlases full of geography maps. In the maps, my imagination expanded everywhere. I could reach beyond the visible border of my own country and that was free of charge. Simply I was a boy with a full imagination.

When you educate yourself that way, your reality get warped as if the space is warped with uneven gravity as in Einstein’s theory. I learned 50 years later that, in general, what you enjoy is what you are potentially gifted with.  I was really enjoying the self-created imaginary fancy world. The world was space science in the beginning, but moved on to the spiritual invisible world as I reached middle age.

While I was working as a scientist/engineer, my personal interests moved around the philosophy/religion areas, which changed to management and people skills later. Basically I was slowly moving away from my science disciplines. I became impressed by the possibility of an invisible world that no one has ever seen. Since science requires hard proof of such a world, there is always possibility that no matter how much you are interested in an invisible spiritual world, the world you are dealing with is always slipping away from hard physical proof. At the end, you may realize that all the studies you had made were simply your illusion-dream.

One more story I heard in my life was that if you read many books within a certain field, is that in later years you may become interested in writing a book on that same field. This theory may apply to my situation. However, one exception is that I had not concentrated in one particular field. I was everywhere. When I reflected on my past, I started to realize that I was searching “my own field” in the past. My true field was in the common thread I have been through, not in any established field I was looking for at that time. That realization came after well past my 60 years of age. Good thing was that I did not give up searching for my own field.

A truly wise man can find his gift before even 20 years of age while it took me over 60 years to realize that “This is it.” At the same time, my long sidetracking life of my youth and middle age is gone. It is too late to cry over spilt milk. My own intuitive impression is: “At least I found it before I’m dead.”

Now I understand that the reason I have been struggling with an unfit life was due to my effort to fit myself into an existing job category which could be replaceable by someone else later. When I switched my approach to make any existing job to fit for me and for me only, it was pretty easy and a fast transition.

That is one of the reasons that finding a perfectly fit profession for me only, took me almost an entire lifetime. But it was truly a rewarding effort. Now, my challenge is how to use my findings in the future for the best use of my character and my experiences for the people who may need it.

Today, I am a very happy man having written this “Book of Intuition.” This is my own way of finding myself.  They say the first is always the most difficult.  Now that I have passed that hurdle, I will continue on this journey and write more books.