Yama has developed and presented over 45 unique seminars on the subject of Intuition to audiences in Canada and the United States.  The underlying theme of his seminars is that we as humans are all born with an innate gift of the power of intuition.  Yama’s seminars are deeply researched and present a composite of the historical and anecdotal real life moments that were governed by intuition.  

Yama is available to speak at conferences as a keynote speaker or as a seminar/workshop presenter.  Below is a list of topics and titles of his presentations:

Introduction to Intuition
The Power of Intuition (I)
The Power of Intuition (II)
Mental Toughness
Decision Making
Columbus’ Egg
Secret of Finding Your Best
Story of Success
Prosperity and Patent Since Renaissance
From Dream to Reality
Human Power
Achieving More with Less
Selling Invisibles
Business Intuitions
Samurai Spirit and Business
Magic of the Unconscious
Magic of Listening to Your Inner Gift
The World of Originality
The Art of Influence
Imagination – Your Critical Skill
Understanding Right Brain
Why We Have the Best Ideas in the Shower
Benefit of Listening to Your Inner-Gift
To Increase Your Learning Capacity
Why I Selected Canada
Rich and Wealthy
Meditation as Your Medicine
Meditation as Your Medicine II
Dreams, Your Gold Mine
Celtic Civilization and Idea of Reincarnation
Early Birds Catch $Millions
Applying Human Nature for the Best
Thoughts Will Manifest Themselves
Science of Self-Esteem
Bridges Between Science and Religion
Amazing Stories of Human Intuition
How to Receive and Execute Intuition
Meaning of Life
Brave People in History
Trance – The Unknown World
Effect of the Intentional De-Focus

To inquire about booking Yama as a speaker for your event:
t.  519.265.1087