We Never Stop Moving

We Never Stop Moving

Intuitively, we feel we do not move at all when we sit still without a blink in our quiet room at home. Scientifically, however, we are moving constantly even if we do not actively do anything. This feeling is comparable with our situation when we are in an elevator. When the elevator starts accelerating we feel moving upward, but within a few seconds our feeling of movement stops once the elevator reaches constant speed, until the elevator decelerates and stops at the floor, our destination. We have many elements like this example without any feeling of movement.

We are moving at a constant speed with many different rotations

  1. The first element we know is the earth’s rotation. The circumference of the earth’s 40,000km equator moves in 24 hours. Which is equivalent of 0.463km/second.
  2. The earth rotates around the sun, 940, 000, 000km once every 365 days. If I do not use the accurate time of 365.256 days, the speed of the earth on the orbit is approximately 30km/sec.
  3. The sun and the solar system rotates around our galaxy center which is 25,000-28,000 light years away. And the galaxy makes one rotation every 230, 000, 000 years up to 250, 000, 000 years. The speed is roughly calculated 828,000 km/hr., or 230km/sec.
  4. Our galaxy, or Milky Way, itself is moving at the speed of 600km/sec. toward the constellation Hydra.
  5. Our galaxy is making a cluster with our neighboring galaxies. This cluster itself is moving toward the constellation Virgo cluster with 300km/sec.

If you add these movements together, 0.463+30+230+600+300≒1160km/sec. We are moving with 1160km/sec. but feel none of the speed, and this is based only with known numbers. If someone discovers the “grand cluster” including the constellation Virgo is moving toward something else, then our calculation is completely off the chart.

“Very interesting Yama” you say “but what has this to do with my every day life”

Simple.  We often get caught up with the grand scheme of things, things that we have no control over.  Nice-to-know stuff, but outside of our sphere of control. What is within our sphere of control is the small stuff, that which is all around us and the effect that this small stuff has on our mental stability.

Let me explain.

Instead of calculating “interstellar movements” in grand scale, let’s see our own mental movements and the disturbances caused by the people and small materials around us. We can vividly see and feel these contributions and the influences of the small objects around us. A cacophony of sorts surrounds us which can have an immense effect on our mental instability. This is a test for us to see if we can maintain our integrity. Let not these small objects affect our mental stability. It is our only universe, the only sphere that is within our control.